2019 San Diego Academy of Family Physicians Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President Jeff Anthony, D.O.
President-Elect Maria Carriedo-Ceniceros., M.D.
Immediate Past President Lee Remington-Boone, M.D.
Secretary/Treasurer Kristin Brownell, M.D.

Annual PostGraduate Program Chairman

Jeff Anthony, D.O.

Three Year Term, exp. 1/2022

Melissa Campos, M.D.
Patrick Sweet, M.D.
Paige Thiermann, M.D. *

Three Year Term, exp. 1/2021

Anna Garcia, M.D.
Jeffrey Norris, M.D.
Julie Lu, M.D.

Three Year Term, exp. 1/2020

Seth Camhi, M.D.
Anne Kaufhold, M.D.
Anna-Marie Butera, D.O.

Delegates and Alternate Delegates
(expiring terms 1/21 – up to 6 in each category)

Delegates Alternate Delegates
Michelle Cao, M.D. Steven Green, M.D. *
Lance Fuchs, M.D. * Cecilia Gutierrez, M.D. *
Albert Ray, M.D. * Joseph F. Leonard, M.D. *
Heidi Meyer, M.D. Merritt S. Matthews, M.D *
Randy Swartz, M.D. * Brad Stiles, M.D. *
Patrick Yassini, M.D. * Daniel Slater, M.D. *

CAFP District Director

Fatch Chong, M.D.

CAFP Speaker

David Bazzo, M.D.

AAFP Delegate

Lee Ralph, M.D.

  • Term expirations are end of January of the year listed
  • * 2nd term or more in same position

Important Events and Dates

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Please note, as of March, 2020 all SDAFP Board of Director Meetings are all being held via Zoom until further notice. For more information please contact Sabrina Bazzo at bazzo@sandiegoafp.org